Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas 2013

December was as a busy month, no surprise there! It was good though and we enjoyed most parts of it. Some highlights included Andrew's birthday accompanied by a visit from Ryan's brother Jason and Jason's wife Katie. We made candies and cookies, played in the snow and went caroling. We had magic moments and quiet wonders. Time was spent with family, and games were played. It was everything a Christmas could and should be. Wendy's Christmas Eve dinner with Grandma and Grandpa Andersen and Uncle Allen and Aunt Jill was picture perfect AND tasty! Danny told us the story of the first Christmas in great detail and Grandpa Andersen shared his testimony. We have been very blessed this year.

A special visitor came to Josh's preschool program!

I managed to make time to do something I really wanted to do: MAKE CANDY. It's not Christmas without Penuche! I figure if  I practice every Christmas one of these years they will all turn out fabulous, right!?! I can hope. ;)

Using the Wilton Cake Pan Wendy gave me a few years ago we made Gingerbread houses. Yummy, Yum!

I thought I heard Ryan wrapping presents in the other room... it was actually Andrew "unwrapping" this chocolate advent calendar. He is nothing if not resourceful. BUSTED! Yes, that is chocolate on his face.

We decorated sugar cookies for Family Night before Christmas. So happy that imitation almond extract exists so Joshy can enjoy the "true flavor" of sugar cookies. He was our best decorator this year.

We headed to Woods Cross for Christmas Eve at the Hallstrom's. Chris put together this massive table just for the occasion.  It really was impressive, and so was the FOOD!

Danny spelling "LEGO" out of Chris's many Lego people. A favorite toy for the boy's to play with when we come a callin'.

I'm cute. Just sayin'.

Appetizers and Dessert. This is all that Jared ate. He was too excited for Christmas morning that he didn't eat lunch or dinner. AND then he almost fainted in front of his stocking the next morning. Silly boy.

The main course minus the cheesy potatoes and sweet potatoes. We ate like kings.

New Christmas Jammies! 

My snuggle buddies in matching jammies. Santa's cookies and milk are set out. It must be time for bed. Happy Christmas Eve!

All of Jared's dreams came true Christmas morning when Santa left him a real bow and arrow and a pocket knife just like Dah-Dee-Doh's.

Classic Ryan. ;)

Santa was very good to Joshy too. He got the "Bat Cave" and "Tokyo Mater" just like he asked Santa for. Happy boy.

He insisted on putting on his Jake and The Neverland Pirates shirt as soon as he opened it. Thanks Grandma!

Andrew had a happy day too filled with animal crackers and new bathtub toys.

This face says it all. Danny (finally) got an electric train. It goes so well with his President Monson Christmas Train book Grandma and Grandpa Great Andersen gave him. He also got a chess board. I've played with him 3 times and am yet to win.

We made a Christmas Brunch... at 4:00pm.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a GOOD NIGHT!

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